Roma Series - Blue Lavender Twill Check

Roma Series – Blue Lavender Twill Check


Festari For Men Roma Series shirt with Blue Lavender Twill Check

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Product Description

Festari For Men Roma Series shirt with Blue Lavender Twill Check material. 100% cotton composition for optimal comfort.

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Blue, Lavender


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How To Take Measurements

  • shirt_length

    Measure Shirt Length

    Place the end of the measuring tape at the back of the neck and measure down the back to the point where you prefer your shirt length to be usually it is recommended to the bottom of the buttocks. If you want to wear it UN tucked make the measurements a little shorter.
  • sleeve_length

    Sleeve Length

    Place one end of the measuring tape at the end of the shoulder where your arm starts and let it hang straight to the mid of meaty part of your palm. Please do not account for any shrinkage we will do that.
  • waist


    Waist measurement on a shirt is different than how you measure your pants. Stand relaxed and normal run the tape around the fullest part of your stomach usually around the belly button make sure the tape is not very tight around the waist it should be snug not tight.
  • neck


    Before measuring the neck make sure your neck and chin are in a normal position. Place the measuring tape around the neck where your collar sits usually, make sure the tape is slightly touching your skin hold one finger inside the tape for comfort. Do not add extra since we take into account the shrinkage of the collar.
  • chest


    Run the tape measure around the biggest part of your chest under the armpits and the lower part of your shoulder blades. It is very important that you stand relaxed and natural so you can get an accurate measurement.
  • bicep


    With your arm hanging to the side go around with the measuring tape to the fullest part of the bicep which is usually close to the armpit. Do not flex while measuring and take the measurement to the nearest half inch.